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Shockwave Therapy available in Torquay!

PODIATRY SHOCKWAVE TREATMENT The team at TSMC are very excited to announce that we now provide Shockwave Therapy! Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive therapy used to treat chronic conditions. The conditions we commonly treat in the Torquay clinic...

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Do you suffer from persistent headaches?? Your cervical spine may be to blame! A common cause of headaches is referral from the neck (cervical spine). Headaches caused by cervical joint and muscle dysfunction are referred to as cervicogenic headaches. Cervicogenic...

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Exercise and Back Pain

One thing we know for sure from the research into treating back pain is that exercise helps!! General exercise and specific targeted back exercises will assist in recovery and help to prevent and treat back stiffness and weakness. But what sort of exercise should you...

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Sports Drinks

Are you confused by the range of sports drinks available on the market? With products promoting everything from mixed carbs sources to no carbs, extra electrolytes, kind on your teeth… it’s no wonder choosing the right sports drink for your situation can be daunting....

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Podiatrists’ top tips to reduce DOMS

Heavy Legs post Bells Bash?  The Bells Bash is a challenging, undulating course from the Jan Juc surf life saving club to Bells Beach. You are rewarded well for your efforts, with the stunning scenery it provides along the route. If you have recovered well and are...

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Breakfast to Perform!

For morning exercisers breakfast also doubles up as recovery from your training session and is key time for you to recover and refuel the body. This helps you to get fitter, faster and/or stronger from the hard work you’ve just put in. For afternoon exercisers,...

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When do I update my running shoes?

Whether you are training for a marathon, attending boot camp or out walking it is important to have the correct footwear to prevent injury. Over time time running shoes compress and no longer provide the shock absorption or structure that they once did… Wearing old...

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Great foods for your trolley

With over 40,000 products in a typical supermarket choosing what to put in your trolley can feel overwhelming. So, to help ease the confusion our Sports Dietician, Ali Patterson, has put together some great staples to consider stocking up with. Oats Oats are such a...

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