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Core Exercises for Golfers

by | Jan 23, 2018

Hit the ball FURTHER and move away from PAIN!

Golf is a fantastic sport that can be one of the most enjoyable experiences when your body is moving freely and healthily. However, like any other sport, injuries can creep in and severely limit our ability to keep playing and have fun while we are out there. Low- and mid-back pain are by far the most common injuries in golfers due to the repeated twisting forces on our spine during a swing.

Lack of core strength and control is often to blame for back pain and plenty of Tour Pros are shifting their training into the gym to not only improve their swing but reduce their chances of developing costly and frustrating injuries.

Challenge yourself to commit to this circuit (on its own, or at the end of your workout) 1-2 times each week for 4 weeks.

  • Band twist + press (10 each side x 2-3 sets)




  • Dumbbell golfer’s twist (10 each side x 2-3 sets)




  • Kayak Lunge (8 each side x 2-3 sets)




  • Landmine rotation (8 each side x 2-3 sets)




  • Straight arm plank + tap (30 seconds x 2-3 sets)



If you’ve loved this circuit or would like more information on how Torquay Sports Medicine Centre can help you with your golf and other sports, please send your questions to us at [email protected].

Happy golfing!



Andy Allan 
Senior Physiotherapist
Grad. Cert. Sports Physio, B. Physio