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Torquay Osteopathy

We love keeping you active, healthy and happy!

Osteopathy is a manual, hands on form, of allied health care. It look at the body as a whole and this is exactly how your osteopathic appointment and management will be.

Our Osteopath will carefully listen to what is happening for you, whether it is back or neck pain, headaches, pregnancy related aches and pains, pain when you sit at your desk or if you’ve hurt yourself playing a sport you love. Your medical history will also be taken. This is really important as this gives great insight into your overall health and gives them a good indication about how to best look after you.

Our Osteopath will then do a thorough examination of you; top to toe, as when one part of you sore, you protect it, leading to other compensations and issues in the body. This will include some movements and specific tests. We focus on how your bones, muscles, joints as well as your nerves, circulation, other connective tissues an even your organs are working, or in fact not working as a unit.

Osteopaths pride themselves on their skilled evaluation and diagnostic abilities. They undergo extensive training to test and assess the entire body, finding the important dysfunctions that are affecting you. As they are recognised as primary health care practitioners, they have the ability to identify health concerns, possibly like fractures, blood pressure issues and mental health concerns. They are then able refer to other health care providers to ensure you have the best care: hence why your medical history is so important!

Your osteopathic treatment and management is specific to you. It may include but isn’t limited to:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Stretching
  • Articulation
  • MET (a stretching and muscular engagement technique)
  • Manipulation
  • Dry Needling and cupping
  • Specific take home programs

Our Osteopath loves to use the onion metaphor: they want to get to the core of your problem. Just like the centre of an onion. Our Osteopath will love to work with you, to be part of your health care team, and assist you on your health journey, whatever your goals may be!

Alannah Pundij