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Is it normal to experience foot pain when I'm pregnant?

By Madeleine McMahon | April 22, 2021
Is it normal to experience foot pain when I'm pregnant?The short answer to this question is yes, it is but it can be prevented. To understand why you get foot pain, it is first important to understand what is happening to your body during pregnancy: Hormonal chan...
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How to give your old stops the boot!

By Andrew Graham, Podiatrist | March 18, 2021
Football season is just around the corner, which means it’s that time of the year to check out the latest and greatest in this year's football boot space. Each style of boot will function and perform differently to the next one, so this year let's choose based on need a...
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Is your RICE out of date?

By Darcy Meesen, Physiotherapist | March 9, 2021
Is your RICE out of date?For a long time now we have been managing acute injuries with the age old advice- R(est) I(ce) C(ompression) E(levation). But has our RICE passed it’s expiry? The latest research suggests so!! With an acute injury (like a spr...
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Is your "Runner's Knee" giving you the run around?

By Madeleine McMahon | March 9, 2021
Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITB syndrome or IT Band syndrome)With many people gearing up for running events later this year now is a great time to take a look at one of the common conditions that often rears its ugly head amongst the running community.What is ITB synd...
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Do I need Orthotics?

By Madeleine McMahon | February 24, 2021
"Hi, do I need Orthotics?"This is one of the most common questions that we get asked as a Podiatrist. To answer that question, our clients will go through an extensive biomechanical assessment looking at how your foot functions during activity. We take into account in...
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Top 4 tips for Blister Prevention when running

By Madeleine McMahon | December 17, 2020
How can I prevent blisters when running?Our Podiatrist Marney gives her top tips on how to prevent blisters during training and event day. New ShoesIf you have new runners, make sure that you wear them in at least 2 weeks before an event. Start by wearing them aro...
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Am I hypermobile or just flexible?

By Claire van Poppel, Physiotherapist | December 10, 2020
More than bendy?Am I hypermobile or just flexible?Being mobile is good right? Don’t we want to be flexible and hypermobile. Is there a difference?Flexibility refers to the muscles and their associated fascia being stretched. A muscle is a contractile tissue which ...
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What causes Jaw pain?

By Madeleine McMahon | November 19, 2020
Jaw pain, temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD), is a common and often debilitating condition but it can be easy to treat with the right care team on your side.So, what do we mean when we say TMD? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the articulation of the mandible joi...
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The Positive link between Autism and Exercise

By Jess Henderson, Exercise Physiologist | October 15, 2020
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was first diagnosed in the 1950’s with current rates continually increasing. What is ASD?ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder with an onset before the age of three, however may not manifest itself until later in life. Children wit...
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MENOPAUSE - Does this affect my risk of injury?

By Madeleine McMahon | October 6, 2020
Menopause - one of the biggest changes the female body tackles in response to changing hormones and typically peaks at ages 49-51.Menopause typically reflects the absence of menstruation of at least 12 months. Most women associate this period with the dreaded hot flus...
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Do I have a Plantar Wart?

By Madeleine McMahon | September 22, 2020
Do I have a wart on my foot?What is a wart?A wart is caused by a viral infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV).  Warts are characterised by a growth of raised hard skin and they can generally be found on the hands and feet. Warts also have little black spo...
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Winning the Warrnambool Marathon! Leo's story...

By Madeleine McMahon | September 4, 2020
Remember that high of crossing the finish line of a run you have been training for for months?We are all missing it.In the clinic, we have been reflecting on what our clients have achieved over the years. We don't always get that chance as we are too focussed on the...
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Top 5 Ways to avoid getting a running injury!

By Madeleine McMahon | August 24, 2020
With gyms closed we’ve found lots of people are turning to running and making the most of the awesome trails and beaches the Surf Coast has to offer!With all this extra time, it may be tempting to run more frequently and/or longer distances. But, did you know that r...
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Pain on the outside of the knee? It could be your ITB!

By Madeleine McMahon | August 21, 2020
My 5 steps to fixing ITB syndromeYou’re out on a run chasing down your next PB when suddenly you feel a sharp pain on the outside of your knee. You pull up, shake it off and start again. But that same pain returns getting worse with each step until you’re eventually f...
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Is Dry Needling painful?

By Madeleine McMahon | August 5, 2020
Trigger point dry needlingTrigger point dry needling is a technique where a fine, sterile acupuncture filament needle is used to stimulate and relieve a “trigger point” in tight and sore muscles. So, what does that even mean?A ‘trigger point’ is a tight or hypersens...
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Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

By Madeleine McMahon | July 30, 2020
The beauty of exercise for Parkinson’s DiseaseWe know that Parkinson’s Disease can present itself in a myriad of different symptoms, and no two people experience it quite the same. Typically though, most who suffer from Parkinson’s will experience changes to walking p...
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Exercising for long periods sound daunting? Introducing Exercise Snacks!

By Madeleine McMahon | July 22, 2020
Lack of time, never-ending to-do lists, full-time work, full-time parenting, commuting, poor weather, low motivation .. sounding familiar? These are some of the more common barriers to exercise we hear as exercise physiologists. Where does your daily dose of movemen...
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Neck or back pain in your Home Workspace? Try these three suggestions...

By Madeleine McMahon | July 16, 2020
Amidst the chaos in our world right now, and what we can't control. It is important to focus on the little things, the positive things, the things that make us smile, and things we can control. We want to maintain our health, fitness and wellbeing the best that we can...
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Do you have Pain on the outside of your foot?

By Madeleine McMahon | July 10, 2020
Lateral Foot PainUgg boot foot?We have been seeing an increase recently in clients experiencing pain through the outside of the foot. One of the main changes over the last few months have been people working from home and wearing slippers or going barefoot. I have w...
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Belinda, Massage Therapist, explains how Massage can optimise your return to the gym!

By Madeleine McMahon | June 29, 2020
Finally restrictions are starting to ease. The reality of home-schooling is over, kids are returning to the classroom and parents have been popping champagne corks all over Torquay. Residents are likewise keen to escape the confines of self isolation - access gym member...
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Darcy, Physiotherapist, shares his Top 5 tips to increase motivation to exercise!

By Madeleine McMahon | June 10, 2020
Most of us know and understand the benefits of keeping active for our overall mental and physical wellbeing, but understanding is not always enough motivation. We have noticed a trend with clients finding it hard to find the motivation to exercise over the last few mont...
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What is Telehealth? Physiotherapist, Darcy Meesen explains....

By Madeleine McMahon | April 23, 2020
With all that’s going on in the world, more and more of our wonderful clients are either in quarantine or self isolating for the good of themselves and their families. In response to this, we at TSMC have developed an online consultation, called "Telehealth". We want to...
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Top 5 Immunity Tips by Osteopath, Bridget

By Madeleine McMahon | April 2, 2020
In a time when we are all aware of the health of our community, it’s great to step back and think about how we can help ourselves, and in turn help the entire community. Preventative medicine is something we should all embrace & practice each and every day, not just...
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Walking tracks on our beautiful Surf Coast

By Madeleine McMahon | March 22, 2020
With many of us having a little more time on our hands, now is the perfect time to get out into the fresh air, make the most of the perfect autumn weather and explore your surrounds. We are so lucky to live on the Surf Coast, and walking is one of the best ways to expl...
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Top Tips for Blister Prevention by Podiatrist, Marney.

By Madeleine McMahon | March 18, 2020
Blister prevention With the Surf Cost Trek and Oxfam trail walk fast approaching and training in full swing, blisters may be an issue for you!This blog is about the prevention of Blisters and how your Podiatrist can help. There are many types of blisters that people ...
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Exercise and Endometriosis

By Madeleine McMahon | March 11, 2020
March is endometriosis awareness month! Exercise Physiologist, Danielle, is here to give some insight into how exercise can play a role in helping to reduce symptoms of endometriosis. What is endometriosis?Endometriosis is a chronic health condition affecting one in t...
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Top 6 Strength exercises to improve long distance running

By Madeleine McMahon | March 5, 2020
Don't skip strength days! Strength training is an important component of any runners exercise regime. Benefits of Strength training: Improves running economy (using less oxygen at the same pace) Improves performance by increasing motor unit recruitment ...
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The dreaded calf strain! James Breust, Torquay Osteopath, shares his personal experience.

By Madeleine McMahon | February 27, 2020
My personal experience with a Calf tear...The first day of preseason training is a day most football players dread. Every year it sneaks up on you so fast you’re left scratching your head wondering; where did the off-season go!? The elation of being reunited with your...
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Is Running causing my Shin Splints?

By Madeleine McMahon | February 11, 2020
Shin splints, also known as "medial tibial stress syndrome" is a pain syndrome that presents on the inside of your shin bone. Generally the pain may be worse at the start of exercise and then “warm up” during activity. Typically the most tender area is in the bottom 2/3...
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Do you suffer from Headaches or disturbed sleep? Osteopath Bridget explains why stress may be a contributing cause.

By Madeleine McMahon | January 27, 2020
Head Check!How’s your head feeling - Heavy? Tired behind the eyes? Tight? Finding it hard to concentrate?Stress and headaches often come hand in hand - they are like Batman & Robin, but they are annoying & won’t save the world. Stress is a normal response ou...
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Why Am I Moving in Movember?

By Madeleine McMahon | November 1, 2019
The team at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre are committing to staying active for the month of "Movember" to increase awareness around men's health. Each team member has set themselves a fitness challenge, and this month we will be holding each other accountable in order ...
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Spring into Spring - Exercise Physiologist Jess shares some tips to get back on track with your fitness this spring

By Madeleine McMahon | October 14, 2019
Spring is here, and for many of us that means it’s time to get back into that exercise routine. But before you launch into a 7 day a week program and end up setting yourself back with injury, take a moment to reflect on your current fitness levels and re assess your goa...
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The importance of Taper Week - Osteopath Catherine shares her top 4 tips for tapering for Surf Coast Century

By Madeleine McMahon | September 16, 2019
You can literally count the sleeps until the Surf Coast Century on one hand, but now is not the time to drop the ball! For many of us, the build to race day has involved months of structured training, early nights, long days on the trails and solid nutrition planning (c...
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The Dreaded Cramp! Physiotherapist, Darcy Meesen shares his top tips to prevent.

By Madeleine McMahon | August 21, 2019
CRAAAAAMP!!There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a cramp, especially when you’re on track for a PB! But what is it? And what can be done about it? These are two very common questions we get asked here at TSMC.What is it?Cramps, also known as ‘exercise associat...
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How do I choose the best Trail Running Shoe? Torquay Podiatrist, Maddie McMahon gives her top tips

By Madeleine McMahon | July 28, 2019
Are you new to trail running? Unsure if you should be wearing trail or road runners? Or just unsure of where to start?!It can be a daunting task to find the perfect shoe for the trails. It all comes down to your individual needs, so we have put together a guide to hel...
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Catherine, Torquay Osteopath, talks Trail Running. Leave your ego at home!

By Madeleine McMahon | June 27, 2019
It’s finally race week and with only 2 sleeps until the Surf Coast Trail Marathon, I’m sure a few of you are wondering what you have signed up for?! There are many reasons to get excited about trail running. Not only does it give you the opportunity to get outdoors and...
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Post workout soreness? Andy Allan, Physiotherapist, explains how to beat it and keep training harder!

By Madeleine McMahon | May 21, 2019
Firstly, post workout soreness (also known as "DOMS") is different to actual injury. We tend to feel generalised or localised pain in a particular body area the day after we have exercised heavily (eg. After a running event or a hard session in the gym). It is complete...
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Do I have Plantar Fasciitis? Why is it not getting better?

By Madeleine McMahon | May 14, 2019
Do you have plantar heel pain that has been present for over 3 months? Chances are you do not have Plantar Fasciitis but "Plantar Fasciosis".Heel pain is the most common injury we treat as Podiatrists. We find the term "plantar fasciitis" is used loosely for many i...
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Catherine Allison, Torquay Osteopath, explains how your cycle may be effecting your knee pain.

By Madeleine McMahon | April 20, 2019
Key Points:Females are 8 times more likely to injure their ACL than their male counterpartsFiring rates of nerves that control muscle activity were much higher in the week before a woman's next period than earlier in the menstrual cycleHormones oestrogen, progester...
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Maddie McMahon, Torquay Podiatrist, shares how to pick the perfect Runner!

By Madeleine McMahon | March 14, 2019
Stack height, weight, correction, neutral, road, trail, cushioning, width... the list goes on! Delving into the many variations of runners is a big task - there are many features to be aware of other than just the colour! It is not simple choosing the perfect p...
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Achilles pain running?

By Andy Allan | February 26, 2019
Running is fantastic for the body. It helps you feel good and the evidence has shown that it is great for your joints (yep…even your knees!), bones, heart and lungs. Unfortunately, Achilles pain in runners is quite common. At Torquay Sports Medicine Centre we l...
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Schools out on school bags and back pain!

By Madeleine McMahon | January 25, 2019
Over the next fortnight the kids will be back in uniform and back at school. This also means that they will be back carry a school bag. School bags have come under much scrutiny over the last few years as it was thought that they are the source of adolescent back pain....
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Christine Fraser, Osteopath, shares her top 5 stretches when travelling these Holidays!

By Madeleine McMahon | December 24, 2018
5 Travel-friendly stretches that might just save your holidays!It’s no secret that Aussie's love to travel and the Christmas/New Years period sure is a popular time to do so. More than half the Australian population now owns a passport and as a nation, we took more th...
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Andy Allan, Torquay Physiotherapist, gives his top tips to avoid a Running Injury!

By Madeleine McMahon | October 25, 2018
Top 5 Ways to avoid getting a running injury!Spring is here!As the sun comes out & the days get longer, more runners start to come out of their winter hibernation - some just love running, others have marathons and half marathons to tackle.Did you know that re...
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Torquay Nutritionist, Melissa, shares her Top 4 Tips To Balance Your Blood Sugar

By Andy Allan | October 9, 2018
 I see a lot of patients who feel like they are eating well, exercising consistently and trying to do other things to support their health goals but are not achieving them.  A huge factor that can impact health goals is dysregulated blood sugar which creates meta...
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How soon is too soon? Safely returning to exercise after having a baby.

By Rosie Sharp | July 31, 2018
This is a question I get asked over and over by pregnant clients. My answer is generally the same. How long is a piece of string? Each pregnancy, each birth experience and each baby is really different: as is my answer to this question.What about my pelvic floor? This...
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Blistering Treatment - Maddie McMahon, Torquay Podiatrist, gives her top tips.

By Madeleine McMahon | July 23, 2018
Blisters - how do we treat? Blisters are a big reason why people pull out of a run or walk and can make an event experience extremely unpleasant. We want to help you prevent blisters and give you the tools to manage them if they do occur. TreatmentSo you have a ...
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Blister Prevention - Maddie McMahon, Torquay Podiatrist, gives her top tips.

By Madeleine McMahon | June 22, 2018
How can I prevent blisters? Blisters are a big reason why people pull out of run and walking events and can make the experience extremely unpleasant. We want to help you prevent blisters and give you the tools to manage them.Cause High friction The skin is s...
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What's in a bike? From one novice to another.

By Rosie Sharp | May 1, 2018
If you're a cycling enthusiast, please skip through this. However, if you have recently started cycling or like me, just wanted to know a bit more about fitting a bike and cycling, read on!I have clients present to me on a weekly basis talking to me about their bi...
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How an osteopath may help with your low back pain!

By Rosie Sharp | April 17, 2018
You may have seen in the news that a recent study into low back pain management has highlighted a few issues within our care current system. If you are one of the 25% of Australian's experience back pain on a daily basis or the 50% of Australian's have experienced pain ...
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What is Osteopathy?

By Rosie Sharp | April 6, 2018
Osteopathy is a manual, hands on form, of allied health care. It look at the body as a whole and this is exactly how your osteopathic appointment and management will be.  Our Osteopath will carefully listen to what is happening for you, whether it is back or ne...
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By Rosie Sharp | April 6, 2018
How do you train for a 5k run? Do you lace up and just try and run as fast as possible? Do you try and do a personal best every run? Has it worked or do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Running 5km requires a balance of speed, endurance and muscle strength. There...
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Myotherapist, Gary, shares his inside tips for road cyclists!

By Rosie Sharp | April 6, 2018
As I can see more and more riders on our roads, I thought about giving an inside guide about some common injuries and niggles that you could encounter while road cycling, and most importantly how to prevent them.Many amateur cyclists spend more time perfecting and tun...
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Myotherapy - frequently asked questions!

By Rosie Sharp | March 20, 2018
Gary, Myotherapist at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre, answers frequently asked questions about Myotherapy.  What is Myotherapy?Myotherapy is a hands-on treatment focussed on muscle and fascia.What is the difference between myotherapy and remedial massage th...
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Core Exercises for Golfers

By Rosie Sharp | January 23, 2018
Hit the ball FURTHER and move away from PAIN! Golf is a fantastic sport that can be one of the most enjoyable experiences when your body is moving freely and healthily. However, like any other sport, injuries can creep in and severely limit our ability to keep playing...
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4 Tips To Beat Shin Splints & Run Pain Free

By Rosie Sharp | November 22, 2017
4 Tips To Beat Shin Splints & Run Pain FreeNov 22, 2017 Running and exercise is fantastic and has many, many benefits for your ...
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What is Myotherapy?

By Rosie Sharp | November 14, 2017
So what is Myotherapy? And what is the difference between Myotherapy and Remedial Massage?Myotherapy is an evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.Myotherapy and Remedial Massage are two distinct prof...
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Shockwave Therapy for Achilles, Patella & Elbow Tendon Pain

By Rosie Sharp | October 10, 2017
Do you suffer from tendon pain that isn’t improving?Achilles tendonitis, golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), and jumper’s knee (patella tendinitis) have all been shown to respond to “shockwave therapy”.The team at TSMC are ex...
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Use massage to assist your training!

By Rosie Sharp | September 19, 2017
With the more sunshine and a huge list of running events just around the corner, now is a good time to talk about the benefits of massage to optimise your training and fast track your recovery.Recovery massage is beneficial during preparation for a any event. Preparat...
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Top 5 tips to improve your posture!

By Rosie Sharp | September 4, 2017
Rounded shoulders are a common postural abnormality and there are many ways our society promotes this bad posture.Sitting down for long hours in front of a computer screen, driving, looking down at your phone or tablet, bad training habits (focussing on chest muscles)...
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Clinical Pilates arrives at TSMC!

By Rosie Sharp | August 10, 2017
Is your posture affected by sitting too much? Do you experience back or neck pain? Are you fed up with a body that’s not performing at its peak? Are you frustrated with long term injuries that haven’t fully recovered? Do you simply feel you require more stabi...
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Foam Roller Exercises - Video Demo

By Rosie Sharp | July 23, 2017
TFL, Lats & SpineFoam rolling is a simple, time-efficient technique for keeping your muscles and joints in optimal condition.Foam rolling is fantastic for both athletes and desk-based workers. It is great for prevention, managing injuries, and also recovery foll...
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Running technique - Should you change yours?

By Rosie Sharp | July 11, 2017
Barefoot running. Midfoot strike. 180 cadence. Over striding. Knee drive. If you are a keen runner or looking to begin to run, these are some of the terms you will come across in the overall debate... ‘What is the optimal running technique to reduce your risk of injur...
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How can an Exercise Physiologist help you?

By Rosie Sharp | July 2, 2017
Exercise Physiologist are allied health professionals that specialise in the delivery of exercise for a number of specific conditions and pathologies including:  -Musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation.-Prevention and management of Chronic Diseases.-...
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By Rosie Sharp | June 21, 2017
High intensity interval training, or HIIT, has grown in popularity as a training method of late with F45, Metafit and Tabata amongst the more popular forms. It is a time-efficient form of training that is attractive to the modern, ‘busy’, lifestyle with sessions often l...
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Cupping for myofascial release

By Rosie Sharp | June 13, 2017
What is Cupping?Myofascial Cupping is a form of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. It combines various massage and stretching techniques with the application of slightly pressurised (ie suctioned) cups.How does Cupping works?Cupping helps to lift and se...
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By Rosie Sharp | May 23, 2017
We are excited to offer Torquay and the Surf Coast with the Recovery Boot system to assist in pre and post training.Recovery should be a crucial part of any athlete’s training. If you recover adequately and effectively, it means you can train harder and longer and red...
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By Rosie Sharp | May 19, 2017
 The Great Ocean Road Running festival is this weekend! Are you ready for the big day?Whether you have been training for the Ultra Marathon or the 6km - they all take commitment and dedication. You have put in the training hours and made sacrifices - whether it...
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Surf Coast Trek

By Rosie Sharp | April 13, 2017
With one month to go until the Surf Coast Trek it is now time to talk feet! The TSMC Podiatrists have volunteered at numerous long distance walking events and have seen first hand the importance of your foot care over these distances. Too often we see participants pre...
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Use massage to improve your surfing

By Rosie Sharp | March 28, 2017
Surfers take a lot of pounding that, by the end of day, leaves them with tight, sore muscles. Tense muscle can have a domino effect, spreading through the entire body and affecting nerves, muscle and bones. Regular massage addresses this problem by easing muscles and en...
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Osteoarthritis & Physiotherapy

By Rosie Sharp | March 14, 2017
Do you suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip, knee or ankle? We can help!Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease where there is a loss of articular cartilage from the bone surface that can cause pain, stiffness, locking, giving way and swelling around the...
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Shockwave Therapy available in Torquay!

By Rosie Sharp | March 9, 2017
PODIATRY SHOCKWAVE TREATMENTThe team at TSMC are very excited to announce that we now provide Shockwave Therapy!Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive therapy used to treat chronic conditions. The conditions we commonly treat in the Torquay clinic...
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By Rosie Sharp | January 31, 2017
Do you suffer from persistent headaches?? Your cervical spine may be to blame!A common cause of headaches is referral from the neck (cervical spine). Headaches caused by cervical joint and muscle dysfunction are referred to as cervicogenic headaches. Cervicogenic head...
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Exercise and Back Pain

By Rosie Sharp | January 24, 2017
One thing we know for sure from the research into treating back pain is that exercise helps!!General exercise and specific targeted back exercises will assist in recovery and help to prevent and treat back stiffness and weakness. But what sort of exercise should you b...
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Sports Drinks

By Rosie Sharp | January 17, 2017
Are you confused by the range of sports drinks available on the market? With products promoting everything from mixed carbs sources to no carbs, extra electrolytes, kind on your teeth… it’s no wonder choosing the right sports drink for your situation can be daunting. Le...
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Podiatrists' top tips to reduce DOMS

By Rosie Sharp | January 16, 2017
Heavy Legs post Bells Bash? The Bells Bash is a challenging, undulating course from the Jan Juc surf life saving club to Bells Beach. You are rewarded well for your efforts, with the stunning scenery it provides along the route.If you have recovered well and are fee...
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Breakfast to Perform!

By Rosie Sharp | December 6, 2016
For morning exercisers breakfast also doubles up as recovery from your training session and is key time for you to recover and refuel the body. This helps you to get fitter, faster and/or stronger from the hard work you’ve just put in. For afternoon exercisers, breakfas...
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When do I update my running shoes?

By Rosie Sharp | November 3, 2016
Whether you are training for a marathon, attending boot camp or out walking it is important to have the correct footwear to prevent injury.Over time time running shoes compress and no longer provide the shock absorption or structure that they once did… Wearing old and...
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Great foods for your trolley

By Rosie Sharp | November 3, 2016
With over 40,000 products in a typical supermarket choosing what to put in your trolley can feel overwhelming. So, to help ease the confusion our Sports Dietician, Ali Patterson, has put together some great staples to consider stocking up with.OatsOats are such a hu...
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