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Achilles pain running?

Running is fantastic for the body. It helps you feel good and the evidence has shown that it is great for your joints (yep…even your knees!), bones, heart and lungs. Unfortunately, Achilles pain in runners is quite common. At Torquay Sports Medicine Centre we love...

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Schools out on school bags and back pain!

Over the next fortnight the kids will be back in uniform and back at school. This also means that they will be back carry a school bag. School bags have come under much scrutiny over the last few years as it was thought that they are the source of adolescent back...

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What’s in a bike? From one novice to another.

If you're a cycling enthusiast, please skip through this. However, if you have recently started cycling or like me, just wanted to know a bit more about fitting a bike and cycling, read on! I have clients present to me on a weekly basis talking to me about their bike,...

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How an osteopath may help with your low back pain!

You may have seen in the news that a recent study into low back pain management has highlighted a few issues within our care current system. If you are one of the 25% of Australian's experience back pain on a daily basis or the 50% of Australian's have experienced...

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual, hands on form, of allied health care. It look at the body as a whole and this is exactly how your osteopathic appointment and management will be.   Our Osteopath will carefully listen to what is happening for you, whether it is back or...

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How do you train for a 5k run? Do you lace up and just try and run as fast as possible? Do you try and do a personal best every run? Has it worked or do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Running 5km requires a balance of speed, endurance and muscle strength. There...

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