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Belinda, Massage Therapist, explains how Massage can optimise your return to the gym!

by | Jun 29, 2020

Finally restrictions are starting to ease. The reality of home-schooling is over, kids are returning to the classroom and parents have been popping champagne corks all over Torquay. Residents are likewise keen to escape the confines of self isolation – access gym memberships, engage in social activities and resume health/wellbeing regimes that reflect life here on the Surf Coast.

It’s now time to attend to our own needs, bodies and yes, posture! The vast majority of us have spent longer hours at computers whilst working from home (and some still are). We have been slumped and/or bent over desks supervising the education of our children and forced to navigate new platforms like Zoom for our daily work meetings. Then throw in some extra surfing!

Personally, I don’t think my body would have fared so well if it hadn’t been for my 1-1 PT (with social distancing), my Yin Yoga on Zoom (thanks Kelly) and all the wonderful artists in self iso that streamed their music continually so I could still feel like I dancing at NoLightsNoLycra!

Months anchored to technology and devices, compromised posture and biomechanics has translated to muscle shortening, restriction in joint range and yes, pain. In particular it has impacted our muscles and connective tissues from cervical to lumbar, hips and gluteals. Soft tissue therapy can return both length and flexibility to the body, increase range of motion and prevent injury – ideally before you resume your gym membership)!

Massage will improve metabolite function and facilitate better immunity for the upcoming winter. It is why I encourage you to optimise your health/wellbeing and visit us at TSMC whether for a general tune up or your weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Belinda Price

[email protected]