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by | Apr 6, 2018

How do you train for a 5k run? Do you lace up and just try and run as fast as possible? Do you try and do a personal best every run? Has it worked or do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau?

Running 5km requires a balance of speed, endurance and muscle strength.

There are lots of ways to train to improve your 5k PB! You can vary your training to include long aerobic runs, speed sessions or even running hills and stairs.

Strength training is another way of improving your 5k PB and is neglected by so many runners. It also has the added benefit of actually reducing your risk of injury as your body is much better prepared for what you are asking from it.

A university study in 2016 compared 5k time trial times of two groups of runners over 6-weeks:

Group 1: Endurance running AND strength training

Group 2: Endurance running ONLY

You guessed it, the strength group had reduced their 5k time trial by more than those in the running only group. They actually found that once the strength group stopped their strength program that their 5km times got slower!


The program

The runners in this study used a generic 4-exercise program:  

Squats, romanian deadlifts, lunges and calf raises

2 x per week

For 6 weeks


This program is NOT for everyone – Torquay Sports Medicine Centre practitioners can personalise your own program to cater for your level of fitness, experience and to account for any injuries or niggles you might be carrying.

If you want to improve your 5k (or 10, half marathon or marathon) PB get in touch with us at Torquay Sports Medicine or book online