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Surf Coast Trek

by | Apr 13, 2017

With one month to go until the Surf Coast Trek it is now time to talk feet!

The TSMC Podiatrists have volunteered at numerous long distance walking events and have seen first hand the importance of your foot care over these distances. Too often we see participants present with painful blisters or pain that could have been prevented!

We have put together our top 5 tips to prepare for the start line!

1. Footwear

  •     Have your shoes professionally fitted prior to the walk
  •     Allow for a thumbnail width at the end of shoe, this will allow for movement when walking downhill and prevent
  •      Wear your shoes for before the walk to allow your feet to adjust to them and identify any problematic areas, this can be done around the house and on training walks
  •     It is ideal to have a second pair, in case the first becomes wet

2. Socks

  •     Invest in multiple pairs of technical socks made from synthetic materials from synthetic materials (CoolMax, Polartec, nylon, acrylic) these allow for moisture wicking.
  •     Change your socks every 10-15km to aid with moisture management and prevent friction occurring.

3. Lacing

  •     Different lacing techniques can help prevent friction and movement in shoes
  •     Lock lacing is a great option, to reduce forward movement when walking hills

4.  Preventative Taping

  •     Taping can be used to reduce areas of high pressure or friction
  •     If you notice any areas of high pressure such as ‘hot spots’ make sure to address these prior to the walk by preventing the friction that caused it
  •     We recommend using a hypoallergenic tape such as Hypafix/Fixomull for blister prevention

5. Address Injuries

  •     One of the biggest risk factors for injury, is having had a previous injury.
  •     It is best to address any aches and pains you have whilst training to prevent these occurring during the event.


If you need any footwear advice or want to address any niggles, please feel free to contact the team at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre. We would love to help you!