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Use massage to assist your training!

by | Sep 19, 2017

With the more sunshine and a huge list of running events just around the corner, now is a good time to talk about the benefits of massage to optimise your training and fast track your recovery.

Recovery massage is beneficial during preparation for a any event. Preparation for long distance running usually involves, a well planned out scheduled including endless kms, long runs and continuously building the load. This repetitive load, can results in shortened, tightened muscles, often resulting in reduced joint range of motion and compression through some structures.

You may also notice your muscles and tendons fatigue, feeling heavy and sore (the good ol’ DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), often making sessions feel harder.

Recovery massage is individual and can be used once a week, fortnightly, or once a month, depending on your training and is something that you should discuss with your massage therapist.

A 45 min Recovery massage session includes:

  • Postural assessment, looking for short and tight muscles, muscle imbalance and review of any niggles you may have had throughout the week of training.
  • Deep tissue massage – the intensity of the massage will depend on your muscle soreness.
  • Passive stretches to improve your range of motion and to promote optimal muscle recovery.
  • Stretches to practice yourself at home focused on correcting any issues raised in the session.

The beneficial effects of Recovery massage are:

  • Relaxation – you have earned it! And let’s face it, taking a time out for 45min is a luxury these days (especially if you have kids)
  • Improves the circulatory system, increase blood and nutrient delivery to the tissue, resulting in faster removal of metabolic waste.
  • Reduces muscles soreness and fatigue, helping maintain ‘fresh legs’ while training
  • Lengthens your muscle fibres, increasing joint mobility and flexibility, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

In addition to Recovery massage, I would also encourage you to spend time on your foam roller every day, in particular after your training session.

Post Race… Now comes the day after the race, when you roll out of bed and regret doing so because every muscle and joint in your body is screaming at you, maybe you are reduced to walking backwards or even crawling! I recommend my runners to come and see me the early in the week following race day, depending on how they are feeling with leg stiffness/DOMS. This session, focusing on muscle repair and helping you return to everyday activity and regular training sooner.

This is why you will often see Torquay Sports Medicine Centre at local events across the Surf Coast regions, waiting at the finish line offering massage to help kickstart your recovery process!

If you have any questions about the use of massage as part of your training, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. To make an appointment call our clinic on 52646 098 or book online today!