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Meet Torquay Sports Medicine Doctor Dr Andrew Aldous

Dr Andrew Aldous completed his undergraduate medical degree in 2008 at the University of Melbourne. Andrew then completed his Masters of Sports Medicine in 2013 with a focus on concussion management and education, injury prevention through exercise and high altitude medicine.

Andrew then spent five years working in Western Australia gaining experience within the specialties of Orthopaedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Andrew commenced his training with the Australasian College of Sports Physicians in 2014.

He has further developed his interests with experience in many sports including hockey, golf, snow and water skiing, rowing, kite surfing, cycling and football.

Andrew loves assisting anyone who has a musculoskeletal injury, be it acute or chronic, to get back to their most active self as soon as safely possible. He has a keen interest in maintaining and improving his patients’ level of activity due to the benefits of exercise on chronic disease management.

Andrew’s focus is on providing a clear pathway for diagnosis, treatment and management timelines for patients. He places high importance on patients being informed and involved in their medical journey and the choices they have. Where appropriate, he is able to perform point of care ultrasound assessment as well as guided injections to assist with diagnosis and treatment.